Over the last ten years, you may have seen a number of IT training adverts, whether on the TV or online. The good news for individuals and businesses alike is that IT training is here to stay.

The technology that sits behind almost everything we use today has been growing at an incredible pace. It has been difficult for individuals and businesses to keep up with such a fast pace of change.

 Unfortunately, there are plenty of businesses that have failed to invest in the correct IT training. This has left them lagging behind and, in some cases, unable to deliver an effective business strategy.

 Why Computer Training?

One area that has seen plenty of growth over the last few years is the World Wide Web. More people access the internet today than ever before, on a multitude of different devices. Unfortunately, with this access to the web comes a number of associated risks. This is why businesses have to invest in security certification and regulatory practices to keep the business and their customer’s data safe and secure.

Training within IT is an investment that needs to be made. Your business must have employees doing things in the right way, efficiently and effectively. This can help reduce long term costs and can help build a more streamlined IT and business function.

Developing IT staff goes hand-in-hand with developing IT infrastructure. The more your employees know, the better they can recommend best practices going forwards. Failure to invest in your staff can lead to huge outsourcing costs, especially when it comes to IT infrastructure projects.

Working and Learning

If you are afraid that you will lose your IT staff to various off-site training courses throughout the year, don’t be.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of online IT courses that your employees can benefit from. These ‘on the job’ training courses will provide your IT staff with the skills and knowledge they need to do their job in a more productive and knowledgeable way.


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Investing in online training courses can bring a variety of different benefits to individuals and businesses:

  • It can stamp out bad practices and can be inherited for a long time.

  • Increased productivity.

  • A better understanding of your IT infrastructure.

  • Better recommendations on how future IT projects are to be delivered.

  • A return on investment.

Websites That Can Help

Online courses are a great way to invest in both yourself and your business. However, learning is not just limited to online courses. There are a number of great websites that you can access to stay ahead of the curve:

The Next Web

This website covers all types of technology and reports on developments on both tech and within the business world. If there is something new, whether a concept or idea, The Next Web will have it.

PC Advisor

If you are already working within IT, you may already be aware of this website. PC Advisor review software updates and venture into reviewing hardware too.


This is a great question and answer website, which contains a lot of useful IT and technical Q&As. A worthwhile visit from time to time, and if you have a question yourself you should post it.