They say that a house move is one of the most stressful things you can do. I would argue that if it was that stressful, you did something wrong. You must plan it with military precision where every little thing goes on a timeline. If you account for all of the variables, the experience can be a pleasant one.

If you are thinking of moving but haven’t decided on the right property for you yet, there is some valuable advice for you to consider here. Choosing the best home for you is not always easy, as you will find out, because there are many variables. Read on to discover the things you must think about before you commit to a purchase.

Proximity To Amenities

Location is the number one priority. How far away are the nearest shops and post office? It is the number one priority for those who do not wish to be isolated. Of course, a family with children will need schools. Can you get to your nearest school easily? It is a journey you will be making twice a day for a very long time, so you must be sure about it.

House Condition

Does the potential home need much work doing to it? Some people buy a fixer upper, and some prefer to move in and do nothing; it is a personal choice. The estate agents in Basildon will advise you of suitable properties on their books. You must employ a professional to carry out a full survey on a property even if you intend to pay cash for it. It is a condition of mortgages for good reason; you can lose a lot of money if you buy a house with problems.

The Garden

Properties with much land often command a high price. If there is a house in a village that you love that is just out of your price range, look for a similar house with a smaller garden. I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes it need to be said. Most people are looking for a home with a huge garden where the children can play. So, if you are willing to work on a house it may be worth your while buying one in need of renovation just for the garden.

The Area

Check out other properties in the area to see if people look after them. It sounds very snobbish, but if there are neighbours who never tidy their garden or have lots of old vehicles parked there, it could start the warning bells ringing. Take heed of your instincts.


Ask the existing owners if there are any disputes between them and the neighbours. They are duty bound to tell you, and it could save you much heartache and money if you know about it in advance. The dispute might only be about a neighbor’s tree overhanging your property that they will not let you prune, but such disputes can ruin your happiness.

If you follow the above advice, you will have covered some of the essential things you need to know before agreeing to buy. I hope you have found it useful; I enjoyed writing it for you. That’s all for today, look out for more of my advisory articles in the future and avoid common mistakes people make in many situations.


photo by Ewan Munro